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Life Sentence

A 2021 study reported that one in seven prisoners in the United States was serving a life sentence. That figure is approximately 14% of the U.S. prison population. According to The Sentencing Project, two-thirds of inmates serving life sentences are non-white. Contrastingly, about 38% of Americans identified themselves as Hispanic, Black, or Asian based on the 2020 U.S. census data.

August 3, 2022


In 2020, an estimated 3,890,400 adults in the United States were on community supervision, which includes parolees. This finding suggests that understanding parole is a significant task for many. If you are an inmate or you have an incarcerated family member, it is vital to know the definition and processes of parole, as it affects how incarcerated individuals must behave and their prison term can affect them.

July 28, 2022


In 2022, the prison population in the United States is approximately 2 million. The number of inmates in federal and state prisons and local jails has increased astonishingly by an estimated 500% since 1970. In 2019, the number of incarcerated individuals dipped due to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. For that reason, many states revamped their admission policies.


Write a Prisoner

You may wonder how you can write a letter to one of the approximately two million inmates within the thousands of federal and state prisons and local jails throughout the United States. Examples include state and county jails in New York. Potential questions when you write a prisoner include how to compose a letter to inmates, how to write an inmate for free, and what type of content the criminal justice system allows, discourages, or forbids. You may also experience issues when participating in pen pal programs for inmates.



Has someone close to you been put on probation? The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) estimated that community corrections monitored one in 59 Americans at the end of 2019. That is approximately 1.6% of the total population. If you want to know more about probation, we at can help you.

July 27, 2022


Recidivism is a fundamental concept in criminal justice. If you are interested in knowing more about recidivism, has all the information you need. is a one-stop site where you can access pertinent information regarding inmates and correctional facilities across the country.

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