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How Long Is a Life Sentence?

In the United States, a life sentence resulting in life imprisonment is one of the most severe punitive measures under the law, next only to the death penalty.

August 8, 2022
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What States Allow Conjugal Visits?

A 2012 research conducted by the Southern Criminal Justice Association indicated that state prison systems prohibiting conjugal visits experienced sexual violence at an average rate of 226 cases per 100,000 prisoners.

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What Is a Conjugal Visit?

What Is a Conjugal Visit? Even though conjugal visitations play a significant role in the lives of inmates and their families, very few incarcerated individuals have access to them.

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Parole Officer

The United States releases over seven million individuals annually, including more than 600,000 people from prison. Moreover, the Bureau of Justice Statistics reported an estimated 3,890,400 released adults were under community supervision in 2020.

August 3, 2022
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Parole and Probation

Individuals frequently use the terms "parole" and "probation" interchangeably. However, the contrasts between these criminal sentences are critical for offenders because these rulings describe how inmates should behave and how their incarceration time may influence them. Furthermore, defendants facing criminal charges should recognize the differences between parole and probation to understand the circumstances and scope of their conditional release.

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Inmate Packages

Corrections agencies in the United States sometimes bar family members of incarcerated individuals from bringing the inmate packages during visits. One main objective is to prevent drugs and weapons from entering jails and prisons throughout the U.S. Hence, inmates’ loved ones must send packages with gifts like food and clothing through private vendors.

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Suspended Sentence

The United States judicial system has incarcerated approximately 0.7% of the state’s population. Individuals in jails and prisons may seek a suspended sentence based on their situation. According to Cornell Law School, a suspended sentence in criminal law occurs when a judge provides an alternative to incarceration by entirely or partially suspending the convicted individual’s imprisonment.

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Humanitarian Parole

In 2022, Russia’s war on Ukraine has led the United States Department of Homeland Security to grant humanitarian parole to Ukrainians seeking parole into the U.S. For many Ukrainians, this parole is an opportunity to escape the war and reside relatively safely in the U.S. However, humanitarian parole has limitations, and applicants must know these conditions before applying.

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How to Find Someone in Jail

As of March 2021, the number of incarcerated individuals in the United States is nearly 1.8 million. This number includes individuals in various corrections facilities, such as jails (647,200) and prisons (1,193,900).

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