Is Blueface in Jail?

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Los Angeles-based rapper Blueface has been a well-known performer in the music industry, having landed a few Billboard 100 hits in 2019, like “Thotiana,” “Daddy,” and “Slide.”

In 2022, his name made headlines again, not because of another music hit but because of his involvement in a shooting incident.

In the United States, acts of violence involving the use of firearms have become a daily occurrence plaguing the nation. Deaths due to firearm use are at an annual average of more than 40,000, making the U.S. the only high-income country with such a high death toll from gun violence.

With such a significant number of gun-related violence in the country, it should not be surprising when well-known individuals, such as celebrities, commit these crimes.

In the case of Blueface, what are the details of his sentence? How did he plead his case? Was he arrested for other crimes?

This article discusses Blueface’s sentence and whether he is or will be in jail. This article also discusses his other arrests and the details of his release.

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Blueface’s Sentencing in the Vegas Strip Club Shooting

According to a report in October 2023, Los Angeles rapper Blueface will not serve any jail time for shooting a man in Las Vegas unless he violates probation.

Based on a decision penned by Judge Kathleen E. Delaney of Clark County, the hip-hop celebrity, whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter, will be under probation for a maximum of three years.

Probation is a sentence an offender serves under a corrections officer’s supervision in place of jail time.

A judge can order probation if they deem incarceration an inappropriate punishment. This sentence is also given if the crime’s circumstances and seriousness suggest the probationer is not a threat to society.

While the probationer may freely live in the community, they must abide by the probation’s conditions for a period specified by the court. The probationer must also regularly report to an assigned probation officer.

Probation conditions can vary depending on the court’s decisions. Some of these conditions include any of the following:

  • Participate in rehabilitation programs
  • Live in a place where the probationer is directed
  • Submit to drug and alcohol tests
  • Maintain employment

Furthermore, the court can require probationers to prove they complied with the probation’s conditions.

According to Delaney, should Blueface get caught violating his probation, especially if the incident involves a weapon, the court will not hesitate to put him behind bars for a significant period.

The judge handed the sentence nearly one year after the rapper was involved in a shooting on October 8, 2022.

Metropolitan Police reported a shooting incident in the early morning hours outside the Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club at 6370 Windy Road, near Sunset Road and Interstate 15.

During the shooting, a man named Kentavious Traylor reportedly suffered a bullet graze wound to his left hand. Authorities arrested Blueface in November 2022, and he pleaded guilty in July 2023. 

Blueface’s charges include battery and discharging a firearm into or at an occupied structure.

Battery is the actual infliction of physical force, while assault is the act of threatening to cause physical harm.

Some state laws have combined battery and assault to define a criminal act of intentionally harming a person. States have different ways of defining and interpreting assaults as crimes of actual physical violence.

Under the conditions of Blueface’s probation, he must keep away from the Las Vegas Strip and downtown area unless he has a legitimate reason to go there, such as applying for work.

Furthermore, his probation prohibits him from contacting Traylor or using or possessing alcohol or drugs. If Blueface violates his probation, the rapper will serve at least two years and a maximum of five years in prison.

Rapper Blueface Pleads Guilty to the Las Vegas Shooting

In 2023, Blueface pleaded guilty to two charges related to a 2022 shooting incident outside a Las Vegas strip club.

After the Las Vegas Metro police arrested the 26-year-old Los Angeles-based performer in November 2022 on an attempted murder charge, the judge later released him on a $50,000 bail.

Blueface’s lawyers waived his right to a preliminary hearing, telling the judge that Blueface would plead guilty in a district court to charges of battery as well as discharging a firearm into or at an occupied structure.

Battery is an intentional act to cause offensive or harmful contact with another person. An offensive contact is an act that makes a reasonable person with ordinary sensibilities feel threatened, while a harmful contact is when the action causes physical impairment or injury.

In the case of battery, the plaintiff can claim nominal damages (a trivial amount of money awarded to the plaintiff) even if they do not suffer actual damages.

However, when a defendant acts with malice, such as deliberately disregarding the high likelihood of harm, the plaintiff can claim punitive damages. These damages are usually awarded at the court’s discretion when it finds the defendant’s actions harmful.

Judge Delaney accepted the plea deal and scheduled a sentencing date for October 2, 2023. According to Blueface’s attorneys, Caitlyn McAmis and Kristina Wildeveld, part of this deal includes having Blueface facing probation at sentencing.

Rapper Blueface Arrested Again in Las Vegas

According to a report dated June 7, 2023, police arrested Blueface in Las Vegas for the second time since late 2022.

Las Vegas Justice Court records show Blueface faced a felony charge of robbery associated with the arrest. However, he was not yet formally charged at that time.

Robbery is a category B felony in Nevada, which comes with a minimum jail sentence of one year to a maximum of 20 years. However, the base sentence for robbery is 2 to 15 years in Nevada State Prison.

Wildeveld, one of Blueface’s attorneys, said authorities arrested the rapper while entering the Regional Justice Center for a court hearing. Blueface was brought into custody at Clark County Detention Center.

The hearing Blueface was supposed to attend was in connection to his case regarding the October 2022 shooting incident. Court records mentioned postponing the hearing to June 14, 2023, because of Blueface’s new arrest.

According to Wildeveld, the new charge was due to a then recent incident at the Palms Resort, when a fan used a cellphone to film Chrisean Rock, Blueface’s alleged longtime friend.

Rock appeared in a 2022 reality show titled “Crazy in Love” that featured her relationship with Blueface.

Blueface’s Release From Jail and Pickup by Jaidyn Alexis

When Blueface got arrested in June 2023 while he was in court for a preliminary attempted murder hearing, the charge was for a separate felony robbery case.

There is little information regarding what exactly happened during the incident that ultimately led to Blueface’s new arrest. The only known information is that he has since been released after he got charged.

During Blueface’s arrest, the court set his bond at $20,000. This amount appears to be comparatively low despite him being a famous rapper.

A bail bond is an amount deposited by the defendant with the court to ensure appearance during the trial. A bail bondsman can guarantee the bail bond for the defendant subject to corresponding fees.

When Blueface got released, Jaidyn Alexis was already waiting for him. Alexis is Blueface’s first baby mother, and the two have been spending some time together.

Based on past interactions between Blueface and Chrisean Rock, there may be some drama involved in their relationship. However, the rapper had been seen hanging out and going on dates with Alexis and telling her she would likely take care of Rock’s child.

Rapper Receives a 24-Month Suspended Sentence in the Las Vegas Shooting Case

Regarding Blueface’s sentence for the October 2022 Las Vegas shooting case, the court handed him a 24-month suspended sentence with a maximum of 60 months, according to an October 3, 2023, social media report.

In criminal law, a suspended sentence is where a judge can partially or entirely suspend the convicted person’s jail or prison sentence, provided that person can fulfill specific conditions.

Suppose the convicted individual violates these conditions. In this case, the state can petition to revoke the person’s suspended sentence and reimpose the original term of the sentence.

When filing the petition, the state must prove through an evidentiary hearing and a preponderance of evidence standard that the defendant violated one or more conditions.

A preponderance of the evidence is an evidentiary standard used to analyze the burden of proof. The party with such a burden must convince the fact finder of a greater-than-50-percent chance that the claim is true.

Suspended sentences are based on public policies meant to help rehabilitate offenders. Although states can differ on how they define a suspended sentence, such a practice can help rehabilitate and encourage a convicted criminal to exhibit good behavior.

To accomplish this outcome, courts should impose rewards for good conduct. For example, the court can inform a defendant that good behavior can help expedite the defendant’s return to society.

The victim, Kentavious Traylor, was also present during the hearing when the court passed the sentence. However, he expressed disappointment at the decision, saying other people get harsher punishments for stealing bubblegum.

According to reports, Blueface’s entourage attacked Traylor outside the Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club off the Las Vegas Strip. This incident occurred after Traylor allegedly made a joke about Blueface, saying the rapper was talking to some females while riding a cheap vehicle.

When Traylor attempted to escape the attack in his truck, Blueface allegedly pulled out a gun and shot at the vehicle at least twice.

Arrest documents mentioned that when Traylor attempted to go back to his truck and drive away after the encounter, the males assumed he was going to get a gun, prompting them to shoot at Traylor and his vehicle.

Five Years for Shooting Unless He Meets the Judge’s Demands

Although Blueface was handed a suspended sentence of 24 months, it can still go for a maximum of 60 months. In other words, he may have to undergo five years of probation instead of a prison sentence for the 2022 Las Vegas strip club shooting incident.

Regarding that incident, surveillance video evidence confirmed Traylor’s statements saying Blueface’s entourage attacked him, with Blueface firing at least two shots at Traylor’s truck.

These actions led to Blueface’s arrest on November 16, 2022, for discharging a firearm at or into an occupied vehicle and attempted murder using a deadly weapon.

After Blueface pled guilty to charges against him on July 3, 2023, the judge handed him a suspended sentence.

Because of Blueface’s celebrity status, many news outlets, podcasts, and Hollywood show business media outlets like TMZ (Thirty Mile Zone) will likely monitor this case’s developments.

Blueface is well known for his viral 2019 hit “Thotiana” and its remix featuring Cardi B and YG (Young Gangsta). The song peaked at the eighth spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and remained in the chart for 20 weeks.

However, in the years following Blueface’s breakout, he has been subjected to various controversies within and outside the music industry. These issues include his relationship challenges with reality show personality Chrisean Rock.

As of October 2023, it is anyone’s guess whether Blueface completes his probation period without a hitch or commits another violation and goes to jail.

Furthermore, international breaking news, such as the ongoing fight between Israelis and Hamas as of October 2023, may keep news watchers preoccupied while waiting for trending developments on Blueface’s case.


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