Is Shakira In Jail?

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In September 2022,  the judge of Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona) ruled that Colombian singer Shakira must stand trial over allegations of tax fraud involving her income between 2012 and 2014.

The ruling came after the pop singer rejected an agreement with the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office.

Almost 10 months after the now 46-year-old singer received a court order for that case, Shakira found herself again in legal hot water. This time, she was linked to two possible tax fraud cases in 2018. 

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Meanwhile, this article covers everything you want about Shakira’s indictments. 

Read on to learn more about the developments regarding the global superstar’s court proceedings.

Why Is Shakira Facing Time in Jail?

You probably want to know all the details surrounding Shakira’s court case. You will read all about them in the following sections, including the juicy ones.

But first, to answer your question about whether Shakira is in jail: No, the multi-awarded singer is not in jail. 

In reality, Shakira is awaiting trial for a case in which she was accused of defrauding the Spanish tax authorities of €14.42 million (14.42 million euros) from 2012 to 2014.

A Spanish court in Barcelona set the November 20, 2023 trial, involving 12 sessions scheduled between November and December.

If found guilty, Shakira might have to spend up to eight years behind bars.

Meanwhile, TikTok went crazy in 2022 when users began mixing Shakira’s tunes with prison videos.

One account wrote, “Omg y’all, Shakira is giving us a live concert in prison for free!”

Another user edited a video of Shakira with her dance team hip-shaking inside a prison cell to the song Waka Waka (This Time for Africa), saying, “Shakira and her inmates dancing out of prison (#girlboss).”

Still, despite the viral Tiktok videos circulating hilarious but inaccurate misinformation, Shakira remains — at least for now — a free woman.

Shakira’s spokesperson stated that the pop star has always fulfilled her tax duties. Shakira did not reside in Spain at the height of her fame, so she does not owe anything to the Spanish government.

Shakira’s legal team dubbed the accusations “a total violation of her [Shakira’s] rights,” saying that the singer consistently followed the law by displaying exemplary conduct as an individual and taxpayer.

Unfortunately, while awaiting trial, Shakira received another charge stating that she also evaded tax on her 2018 income. 

In July 2023, a court near Barcelona agreed to reopen an investigation of two possible tax fraud cases involving the award-winning singer. 

Llorente y Cuenca, Shakira’s public relations firm (PR firm), responded to these allegations (in Spanish), saying that Shakira “always acted in concordance with the law and on the advice of her financial advisers.”

The firm stated that the Grammy winner was focused on her artistic career in Miami, Florida

Shakira had been linked to Spain after she began dating the now-retired soccer player Gerard Pique. The couple, who have two children, lived in Barcelona until 2022. 

The Spanish tax authorities have, over the last ten years or so, cracked down on soccer celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi for not paying their taxes fully. 

These soccer pros were convicted of tax evasion. However, they avoided prison time due to a provision allowing judges to waive sentences shorter than two years for first-time offenders.

 TIME Magazine reported that Shakira received a similar offer. 

The prosecuting side and the singer’s legal counsel talked about lowering the prison sentence to two years, with the prosecutors potentially agreeing to delay the execution of the sentence temporarily.

However, the negotiation went sour when the defense rejected the agreement. As a result, the option disappeared, marking a point of no return for Shakira and her legal team. 

Ana Duro, the Barcelona judge handling the case, ruled that Shakira would not be subject to any restrictions, like house arrest

Both the prosecution and defense could still agree on a compromise until the day of the trial. 

However, as the November trial date draws near, this possibility seems bleak. The “She Wolf” singer might just have to “open up and set it [the she wolf in the closet] free” and face whatever allegations the Spanish authorities throw at her.

Spain Accuses Pop Star Shakira of Tax Evasion Again, Seeking Over $7 Million

Shakira, whose complete name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, is currently facing two criminal charges. 

The first allegation is from 2022, accusing her of evading tax on her 2012 to 2014 income. In that case, prosecutors alleged she failed to pay 14.5 million euros ($15.4 million) in tax to Spain.

The second one and the latest legal trouble Shakira faces involves her 2018 financial fraud on her 2018 wealth and personal income tax.

Spanish prosecutors claimed she evaded tax worth $7.1 million (or 6.7 million euros) on her 2018 income. They asserted that Shakira used an offshore company based in a tax haven to avoid paying taxes.

The Associated Press, an independent global news organization, reported that Shakira had been notified of the charges in Miami, where she currently resides. 

Spanish tax officials investigated the most recent case against Shakira in July 2023. Upon reviewing the evidence gathered two months later, the prosecutors brought charges against the Colombian singer.

As of September 2023, there’s still no trial date for this second case.

Could Shakira Face Jail Time if Convicted of £12 Million Tax Evasion?

If convicted, Shakira faces an eight-year prison sentence and fines of 24 million euros or 20.2 million pounds.

Still, the raspy-toned pop icon maintains she did not live in Spain during the peak of her single-selling success. As such, she does not owe the country any money.

That’s likely why Shakira rejected a settlement deal from the prosecutor’s office at the end of July 2022 and has decided to go to trial instead. 

Shakira’s representative said the pop star is “fully confident of her innocence.”

All About the Trial That Shakira Will Be Facing

The trial for the first allegation against Shakira will begin on November 20, 2023. It will span 12 hearings, with the final day on December 14 due to occasional court absences.

Only hours after Gerard Pique arrived in Miami to spend time with his children on his first trip to the U.S. since they left Spain, the court announced the trial date. However, Pique is unlikely to be called to testify.

Meanwhile, the court will summon the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer but permit her to leave after testifying from the stand during the opening proceedings.

Shakira is due to face trial in Spain for alleged tax fraud after a Spanish judge formally ordered the singer to appear in court. 

Shakira has denied all allegations of tax fraud in 2018 and declined a proposed plea deal in July. Afterward, the prosecutors filed six tax fraud charges against her.

Shakira’s publicists reported in July that the singer had already repaid the amount she owed, along with three million euros in interest.

The dispute rests on whether or not Shakira remained in Spain during the applicable period. Shakira insisted that her formal tax residency was in the Bahamas until 2015. 

However, prosecutors asserted she spent over 200 days of each of those years in Spain, thereby qualifying her for taxation. 

Spanish law mandates that individuals who spend m 184 days a year in the country must pay tax.

Shakira responded to the allegations in a magazine profile published in September 2022. She said she would fight the allegations for what she believes (namely, the accusations against her are false).

Shakira said she was busy fulfilling her professional commitments worldwide. There was no way she could have spent 183 days in Spain each year at that time.

Shakira also emphasized that she paid everything the government claimed she owed.

Spain has pursued public personalities for alleged tax fraud in the past few years, with soccer players Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modrić, and Lionel Messi all paying fines and settlements.

Shakira’s legal situation regarding her tax residency and payments is not exceptional. 

In the U.S., American singer Lauryn Hill was convicted of three-month imprisonment in 2013 for refusing to pay taxes on about $1.8 million of income between 2005 and 2007.

In 2012, the IRS levied a tax penalty on Lionel Richie for about $1.1 million in unpaid taxes from 2010.

Shakira Will Be Leaving for Spain to Testify

In July 2023, a Spanish judge agreed with state prosecutors to examine two possible tax fraud cases by Shakira from 2018. 

A court in Esplugues de Llobregat handles these cases. The first trial case will focus on where Shakira lived from 2012 to 2014. 

Shakira hired a criminal defense lawyer with a track record of high-profile acquittals to fight Barcelona prosecutors’ assertions of alleged tax fraud.

Shakira works with Pau Molins Amat. Molins Amat established Molins Defensa Penal in 1994 and is the law firm’s managing partner.

Throughout his career, Molins Amat has defended high-profile clients, such as Spain’s Princess Cristina and former F.C. Barcelona president Sandro Rosell.

Princess Cristina, King Felipe’s sister, was cleared in 2017 of charges that she helped her husband cheat the tax system through an embezzlement scheme. 

Cristina won the fraud trial (though fined €265,000) while her husband served time in prison.

Molins Amat also counseled Rosell, who was acquitted of money laundering and tax fraud charges in recent years. 

Now, the lawyer is representing Shakira.

Prosecutors claim that the Latin sensation owes the Spanish state a staggering €6.7 million after allegedly misleading the Spanish tax authorities in 2018.

In a lawsuit dated May 2023, Barcelona prosecutors dropped a bombshell, alleging that Shakira conveniently did not disclose how much she raked in during her “El Dorado” tour in 2018. 

According to the lawsuit, Shakira lived in Spain with her partner and their two children, making her a Spanish tax resident.

 In a separate case, set to trial on November 20, 2023, Shakira is accused of defrauding Spanish tax authorities of a whopping €14.42 million from 2012 to 2014. She strongly denied these charges.

That July 2022 lawsuit alleged that Shakira lived most of those years in Spain. Therefore, she must declare as a tax resident.

Shakira fires back, calling these accusations “false” and insisting she was fulfilling her “professional commitments around the world.” 

She even claims to have paid her dues before the lawsuit hit. She says she had expert tax advice from PricewaterhouseCoopers, a global network of firms delivering various financial services for businesses, including tax consultation. 

With unyielding confidence, she stated she was “doing things correctly and transparently from day one.”

Shakira’s legal eagles are now locked in a fierce preparation mode for the November trial. 

The artist remains calm, with her spokesperson assuring everyone Shakira is keeping her cool before the impending legal battle.

It seems like this superstar’s tax drama is far from reaching its final chorus.

What We Know About the Singer’s Tax Woes

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In the first case, the prosecutors charged the high-profile singer with six counts of tax fraud. She was cited for allegedly not paying the appropriate income taxes (14.5 million euros or $23.7 million) between 2012 and 2014.

Shakira denied this allegation and opted to go to trial in November in Barcelona to prove her innocence. Despite the threat of eight years in prison if convicted, she chose to appear in court.

At the time, the dance diva’s legal counsel asserted that Shakira had paid her obligations and had no “tax debts with the Spanish Treasury.”

In September 2023, a Spanish prosecutor filed another tax claim against Shakira, accusing her of defrauding Spain of 6.6 million euros (€) in 2018.

In this second case, the prosecutor claims that Shakira did not declare profits of $19.3 million in 2018, the amount she allegedly received as an advanced payment for her El Dorado World Tour.

Spanish tax officials began investigating the case in July. They decided to press charges after reviewing the evidence obtained over the last two months. As of September 2023, the trial date remains unclear.

As mentioned, Shakira dated FC Barcelona (Fútbol Club Barcelona) soccer star Gerard Pique and lived in Barcelona with their two children in 2018. They lived together in the city until they ended their 11-year relationship.

Prosecutors asserted Shakira was a resident of Spain at the time. Therefore, Shakira should have paid the tax on all her worldwide revenues, regardless of where she earned them.

The prosecutors further claimed that Shakira diverted her profits to companies based in countries with low taxation and high opacity.

The now 46-year-old singer and songwriter allegedly failed to pay 5.4 million euros in income tax. The total amount she owed is approximately 6 million euros after considering accrued interest and voluntary payments.

 The prosecutors also accused Shakira of defrauding Spain of €773,600 in wealth tax, resulting in a debt of €625,190.

Despite reports, Shakira’s legal team said the singer had not received any notification regarding the new case in Miami, where she currently resides. 

Meanwhile, Shakira’s legal team is diligently preparing for the trial for the 2012- to 2014 fiscal year, set to commence on November 20. This information came from an official statement issued to media outlets, including Reuters, AP (The Associated Press), and Billboard.

The three-time Grammy award winner refused a settlement deal with prosecutors, insisting she behaved appropriately and acted transparently.

False Accusations About Her Time in Spain

Shakira’s spokeswoman said that the Spanish tax officials accused the pop queen of lying about living outside of Spain “without evidence” during the years she allegedly committed tax fraud.

Shakira, a former Bahamas tax resident, only became a full-time tax resident in Spain in 2015, five years after dating her ex Gerard Pique.

Any person who spends more than 183 days in Spain within a calendar year becomes a Spanish resident for taxation purposes.

Shakira’s publicist, LLYC, stated in November that Shakira is a taxpayer who has exhibited impeccable tax conduct. The firm added that she has never faced tax problems in any other jurisdiction.

LLYC stated that Shakira never exceeded the 183 days of residency required to be a tax resident in Spain.

The PR firm contested that Shakira has faced relentless pursuit in both the legal and media domains. It insisted that, despite a lack of substantial evidence to support the allegations, prosecutors employed unacceptable tactics to tarnish Shakira’s reputation and pressure her into settling.

Net Worth

Based on the info and stories above, you probably realized Shakira’s high-profile status. You might wonder about the extent of her wealth and impact on the entertainment industry.

Shakira rose to international fame in the early 2000s when she released her first English crossover album.

Fellow singer Gloria Estefan may be responsible for teaching Shakira English for her fifth studio album and her first English-language album, Laundry Service.

Estefan’s husband Emilio, a Cuban-American musician and producer, recognized Shakira’s potential to become a worldwide phenomenon and became her manager.

“Whenever, Whenever” was featured in the Laundry Service album. The song became a massive hit for Shakira in 2001, earning her the title Queen of Latin Pop.

Shakira is one of the best-selling artists in digital album and single sales, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

One website reports that Shakira is worth $300 million. If you have to ask, yes, chart-toppers like “Whenever, Whenever” earned her a lot of money. 

Shakira’s sound is catchy and distinct. Her dance moves are enchanting. Her talent and personality have caught the world’s attention.

She has since sold millions of records worldwide

Here are other reasons Shakira is so rich:

There have been reports that Shakira signed a $300 million deal with Live Nation, an American multinational entertainment company, in 2008. 

Meanwhile, Shakira’s annual profits are mind-blowing. The global pop superstar earned so much in 2012 that Forbes regarded her as one of the highest-paid Women in Music. That fiscal year, Shakira earned $20 million.

You would think that would be Shakira’s peak in her career. However, she may have earned even more between 2018 and 2019 ($35 million).

Moreover, Shakira has been touring since the 1990s and has accumulated an impressive income:

  • Tour of the Mongoose, Shakira’s third concert tour, grossed over $72 million.
  • The 2006 to 2007 Oral Fixation Tour generated over $100 million.
  • In 2018, the El Dorado World Tour grossed $75 million.

She might only be pocketing some of this money because tour overhead is high. Still, she earned much from these events.

Furthermore, Shakira has been a spokesperson for Pepsi for a very long time. In fact, Pepsi sponsored the Super Bowl halftime show when she performed in 2020.

Shakira also became a judge in The Voice, a singing competition program, reportedly for $12 million. She even acted in Zootopia, a film that grossed over $1 billion.

Then, in February 2021, Shakira reportedly sold her publishing catalog for $100 million. 

Shakira received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the MTV (Music Television) Video Music Awards at the September 2023 ceremony.

This award celebrates an individual’s “outstanding contributions” and “profound impact” on pop culture.

Other female artists who won this award include Madonna (1986) and Jennifer Lopez (2018), who became the first Latin performer to win the prize.

Throughout her career, Shakira has emerged as a global icon, recognized for her distinctive musical style and captivating stage presence. 

What Ethnicity Is Shakira?

Shakira, whose ethnic background is a mix of Latino and Arab, was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, on February 2, 1977.

Her father, William Mebarak Chadid, is of Lebanese descent. Meanwhile, her mother, Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado, has Italian and Spanish ancestry.

Shakira’s unique background has significantly influenced her artistic expression. She grew up in a multicultural setting and was exposed to different musical genres and dance styles. 

Her family has a rich history that stretches across continents and generations. 

Her father’s family moved to Colombia from Lebanon, bringing their customs, language, and traditions. Her parents instilled in her a deep sense of cultural pride and identity. 

Meanwhile, Shakira’s love and passion for music developed at a very young age. She wrote her first song at the age of eight.

As a child, Shakira enjoyed Arabian music, which she would later incorporate into her compositions. 

She also got into dancing and learned various dances, including belly tango, dancing, and rock and roll. 

Shakira’s rich cultural heritage is reflected in her creative work. The influence of her diverse background shows in her music, with Shakira weaving Latin rhythms with Middle Eastern melodies and other sounds from around the world. 

Shakira’s ethnic identity showcases the importance of cultural diversity and celebrating one’s roots. Exposure to a blended cultural environment has shaped her viewpoint and artistic expression, inspiring many fans worldwide. 

She has always championed multiculturalism and encourages people to embrace their ethnicity. Many of her songs promote global unity and harmony, with lyrics in both English and Spanish.

Overall, Shakira’s cultural background and upbringing have contributed to her appealing style and message.

Shakira is also a citizen of Spain since 2015, when King Felipe VI granted her Spanish citizenship. This award recognized her contribution to Spanish culture and her philanthropic work, especially in early childhood education.



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