Is Hunter Moore in Jail?

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Hunter Moore’s story is about the importance of securing one’s identity online. Moore is an American content creator and website owner who created the infamous “revenge porn” site called “”

Is Hunter Moore in jail? Did he get imprisoned because of his revenge porn site that ruined the lives of many people? 

This article focuses on the story of Hunter Moore and his meteoric rise and epic downfall. It also tells the story of Moore’s infamous revenge porn site “” 

Furthermore, this write-up explains how Moore was taken down through the efforts and determination of Charlotte Laws, the mother of one of the victims of Moore’s cyberbullying activities that led to the content creator’s arrest and downfall. 

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Who Is Hunter Moore?

Known as “the most hated man on the internet,” the self-proclaimed “professional life ruiner,” and “king of revenge porn,” Hunter Moore thought being a bully was a lifelong gig. However, his vitriolic content sparked the ire of many people, leading to his incarceration and fall from grace. 

Moore was born in 1986 and grew up in Sacramento, California. In 2010, he became notorious for creating a revenge porn website called 

The site is now defunct, but during its heyday, it was a site where people could upload indecent pictures and videos of people, mostly women, without their consent as a form of revenge.

Because of his infamous persona online, many people may have smiled when Hunter Moore was thrown behind bars after he was convicted of aiding and abetting in the unauthorized access of a protected computer in February 2015 and aggravated identity theft. 

  What Is Hunter Moore’s Net Worth?

Hunter Moore’s net worth increased gradually since 2019, when his net worth was already at $1 million just two years after his release

A person’s net worth is the money earned minus all liabilities. It’s a popular gauge to measure how rich a person is. 

The source of Hunter Moore’s income is not fully divulged, but various media sites agree that the controversial American influencer is worth $2 million as of 2023.

Things to Know About Netflix’s The Most Hated Man on the Internet

Rolling Stone magazine first used the infamous title “Most Hated Man on the Internet” for Hunter Moore. Netflix, one of the famous movie streaming services, made a documentary about Moore and used the Rolling Stone title for this controversial internet personality. 

The following facts on this list show vital points as to why Rolling Stone and the makers of this new Netflix docuseries agreed to call Moore the most hated man on the internet. 

  1. Hunter Moore created and ran a revenge porn site called “” Moore is a native of Woodland in Yolo County, California.
  1. Some of the photos posted on Moore’s site came from hacking, and others include the victim’s name, address, and even employer information. Some victims also saw their social media profiles included in the posting without their consent. 
  1. Moore practically invented “revenge porn,” which is a term used for ex-lovers using compromising, often explicit photos of their now “hated” loved ones to shame them online. 
  1. Moore received multiple complaints, which led to later being charged with aggravated identity theft and aiding and abetting in the unauthorized access of a computer. 
  1. In May 2017, Moore was released from prison. He then wrote a book in 2018 about his experience, titled Is Anyone Up!? The Story of Revenge Porn. 
  1. Moore is still banned from Facebook.

Hunter Moore Ruined Lives by Posting People’s Nude Photos Online

Moore’s revenge porn website was instrumental in “ruining” many people’s lives when their explicit photos were uploaded to this website without their consent. Thousands of photos poured into his website, many coming from people who wanted to get back on their former partners. 

Moore profited from all of the uploads and quickly rose in notoriety. It’s difficult to say how many lives were ruined by the infamous website. Still, the volume of photos uploaded may give a disturbing estimate. 

Many victims of the revenge porn site pleaded with Moore to bring down compromising photos of themselves. However, the response they got was just “LOL” (laugh out loud).

Many might think that Moore can be easily implicated by the activities happening on his website. However, the controversial internet influencer simply cites that the uploaders were from other people.

What Is Revenge Porn?

Moore considers himself a “professional life ruiner,” a notorious title he fully embraces. His website, became a hub for people who want to upload illicit photos of their ex-partners for revenge. 

This criminal practice of posting online sexually explicit photos of other people without their consent for the sole purpose of getting back at them became known as “revenge porn.” 

Legally, the definition of “revenge porn” is the nonconsensual sharing of photos or videos of anyone, in this case, ex-partners. This activity is often attributed to enacting revenge or vengeance on someone. 

In some cases, “revenge porn” is used to make money off someone’s disgrace or as a means of blackmail. 

In the United States, distributing sexually explicit images or videos of anyone without their consent is considered online harassment. Cyberbullying laws provide stiff punishment for lawbreakers. These punishments may include hefty fines and even jail time.

However, in most cases, people filing complaints against cases of revenge porn are more concerned with pulling down the uploaded content than seeking monetary compensation or jail time for the uploader. 

Most of the time, sexual content and viral videos tend to linger online as many can easily download the content and reupload it on sites that they manage. Some victims of revenge porn may still experience the damage caused by their leaked content. 

What Happened to Hunter Moore?

The internet sensation started his revenge porn website as a typical social media platform for sharing photos and videos. However, according to the Netflix documentary, the site Moore created quickly turned into a community of “hateful” individuals who wanted to shame people. 

The hate of these people started to seep into other platforms like Twitter and club events in different parts of the nation. 

Many tried to condemn Moore for the revenge porn website, but he always told complainers that it was not his fault but the fault of the uploaders. However, this apparent lucky streak of maneuvering complaints ended when he uploaded the hacked photos of Kayla Laws. 

Laws’ nude photos suddenly appeared on Moore’s website. She maintained her story that she never sent her nude photos online other than sending them to her email. Laws suffered emotionally over the incident until her father, an attorney, helped get the images down.

Laws then started to work with other women, who experienced the same thing where their photos mysteriously ended up on Moore’s website. 

Laws and 40 other women gathered evidence showing their photos were stolen via email hacking. Laws shared their findings with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and was able to charge Hunter Moore. 

Did Hunter Moore Go to Prison?

The FBI investigation intensified, and details of the alleged hacking came to light. It was revealed that Moore hired Charles Evans to hack the victims’ email accounts. 

The site was eventually shut down in 2012, and the domain was sold to James McGibney. Today, anyone searching for Moore’s website is redirected to 

However, selling the website didn’t stop the problems and charges barreling on Moore and his associates. After Moore’s website sale, he wanted to use the photos and videos to make another site. 

However, Anonymous, a secretive hacking organization, broke into Moore’s services and wiped it clean. The hacking group also got into his bank account and reportedly donated Moore’s money to a women’s abuse shelter. 

You may think that the online attacks ended there, but Anonymous went further and got Moore declared dead in California. How the hacking group managed that feat is hard to say, but the attack ended Moore’s ability to profit from the remnants of his old website.

In 2014, Evans and Moore were indicted on charges of conspiracy, aggravated identity theft, and unauthorized access to a personal computer. 

Moore pleaded guilty to two counts in 2015. In November of the same year, the court sentenced Moore to two years and six months imprisonment, with a $2,000 fine. 

Furthermore, he had to pay a restitution fee of $145.70 and needed to go under supervised release for three years after his incarceration. 

U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee said that Moore hid behind an online persona and engaged in aberrant or unnatural or not normal behavior. The Federal Bureau of Prisons record shows Moore’s release happened on September 22, 2017.

When Was He Arrested?

The 36-year-old American online creator went under FBI investigation in 2012. He was eventually arrested and faced charges filed by his victims. Moore lost his revenge porn empire and the god-like admiration of his ardent followers.

Where Is Hunter Moore Now?

The avalanche of charges, prison time, hacking attacks, and loss of income apparently “humbled” the king of revenge porn. Moore kept a low profile after his release in 2017. 

He’s still banned from Facebook but recently active on Twitter. His content is now focused more on gym selfies and dog pictures. 

In 2017, Moore planned to make EDM (electronic dance music) tracks after his jail release and composed “Make the Internet Great Again.” After that, he wrote a controversial book called “Is Anyone Up” in 2018. 

After the Netflix docuseries, Moore went public to discuss the show with select interviews. Daniel Wise, a YouTuber, asked the controversial content creator, who dared once that he wanted to be like Charles Manson, if he had any regrets, and Moore said no. 

Netflix Tudum, a look behind the scenes of its movie productions, revealed that they wanted Moore in the documentary, but he pulled out. The production then went with the perspective of Charlotte Laws, Kayla Laws’ mother, which the production team didn’t regret.  

Later, Moore explained his decision to pull out of the Netflix documentary. He tweeted his claim in 2022 that he left production because Netflix didn’t want him to tell his story. Moore added that 60% of the documentary wasn’t true. 

Moore maintained his blamelessness, while Netflix’s most hated man is none other than Moore. 

Over-Glorified by the Media?

Moore knew how to become trending or visible on the internet and social media. It’s his profession to attract attention, and his past exploits reveal his knack for controversy. The Netflix documentary and the Rolling Stone article aided Moore’s controversial popularity, but it was short-lived.

Where Is Charlotte Laws Now?

The real “hero” of this cyberbullying story is Kayla Laws’ mother, Charlotte Laws. She was the tenacious force that continued the battle against Moore’s public shaming. After Moore’s arrest, Charlotte continued her talks about revenge porn and her experience with people like Moore. 

Charlotte continues to meet with state and federal lawmakers to propose laws to protect revenge porn victims. She was instrumental in California to adopt laws that specifically deal with revenge porn cases. 

In 2015, Charlotte Laws wrote her memoir Rebel in High Heels, which included the first 22 years of her life and her fight against revenge porn. She wrote other books about her life and her grandfather. Charlotte also became a BBC (British Broadcasting Company) contributor and political analyst. 

What Happened to Is Anybody Up?

Former marine James McGibney purchased Moore’s website in 2012 to shut down the revenge porn’s operations. McGibney created multiple websites over the years, including and 

The Netflix documentary revealed that McGibney worked with the hacker group Anonymous. Through negotiations, Moore sold the site for less than $15,000 and quickly redirected visitors to 

McGibney told Wired that he saw one morning that the perverts consuming content from Moore’s website woke up one morning only to see their site was no longer online.

Hunter Moore is an example that extreme destructive behavior is not sustainable. It will only lead to failure, especially when people get hurt, shamed, and ridiculed for views, likes, shares, and money. 

Moore went to prison for this, thus tarnishing his record with a criminal file, which can’t easily disappear. People who are incarcerated get criminal records that become public.

If you have an incarcerated loved one, you can get copies of their criminal records via sites like Our website provides links to over 7,000 correctional facilities in the United States. 


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