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Hamilton Correctional Institution Annex, Florida Inmate Search

General Information

  • Facility Name Hamilton Correctional Institution Annex
  • Facility Type State Prisons in Florida
  • Address 10650 Southwest 46th Street, Jasper, FL, 32052-1360
  • Phone Number 386-792-5151
  • Capacity 1408
  • City Jasper
  • Zip 32052-1360
  • State Florida
  • County Hamilton County
  • Website
  • Visiting Hours
    Saturday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
    Sunday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

The Hamilton Correctional Institution Annex, located at 10650 Southwest 46th Street, Jasper, FL, 32052-1360 is a State Prison and serves . It has a capacity of 1408.

Those close to inmates may:

  • Send inmates mail
  • Deposit money into their inmate trust account
  • Receive calls from them
  • Visit them

If the inmate you are looking for is not on the search above, you can go directly to the or you can call the jail directly on: 386-792-5151

Visitation Rules

While inmates can receive visitors at Hamilton Correctional Institution Annex, there are strict rules in place. If you don’t adhere to these rules, your visit will be denied (often without warning), and you could risk future visits.

Visitors must schedule a visit, in line with the visitation hours of the jail, and its requirements.

Visitors must also have their government ID on them to be permitted into the visiting area. They must adhere to jail’s dress code. They will not be able to bring anything into the visitation area.

Call 386-792-5151 for scheduling a visit. website for more information about the application process.

Sending A Mail Or Package

All mail coming into the prison is inspected by the jail staff.

It is important that for any mail to be processed at Hamilton Correctional Institution Annex that the sender’s name and mailing address is included on the envelope.

In addition, the inmate’s full name (that they are in the jail under), the inmate’s SPN & cell block area must be listed.

The following restrictions apply for any mail sent to Hamilton Correctional Institution Annex:

  • No perfume, body fluids (including lipstick) or makeup can be included
  • No sexually suggestive photographs
  • No medicines
  • No cash or money orders
  • No food or food items
  • Contraband

For full details on the most uptodate policies, visit the Hamilton Correctional Institution Annex’s

To clarify any questions you have on sending mail here, call the Hamilton Correctional Institution Annex directly on 386-792-5151.

How to send money?

To add money to an inmate’s trust account at Hamilton Correctional Institution Annex, you have a few options.

Don’t send cash by mail. You can deposit a money order. You may also be able to use: Touch Pay Direct to deposit money.

You can call the jail at 386-792-5151 to find out any other updated ways of depositing money for an inmate.

How to make Phone Calls?

Inmates held at Hamilton Correctional Institution Annex are not allowed to receive phone calls. They are however allowed to put through collect calls. Some jails have also upgraded their phone systems to allow detainees to make calls directly to landlines and cell phones, which means calls are usually cheaper than if they were on a collect basis.

All calls made out can be recorded and monitored, so care should be taken about what is discussed.

The jail may limit calls to some numbers for security reasons, without providing any warning.

To find the most uptodate information on the phone policies at Hamilton Correctional Institution Annex, call 386-792-5151.

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